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Terventions in the tourist / hotel sector

ICBP and its branches, WACP and MECP, are directly involved in the tourism / hotel development of specific interventions to support and manage the tourist reception in collaboration with local hotel associations, international tour operators with organizational and management function.

The operational part of the ICBP provides design and technical equipment dedicated to accommodation facilities, from the construction of hotel complexes to furnishings and technological facilities.

It offers tour operators and internationals an operational point of reference for organizing tourist packages for stays in the region concerned with particular attention to quality accommodation, security, on-site assistance, contractual and commercial agreements.

He currently manages a Luxury B & B on Lake Como "Five Star Accomodation" and has been commissioned by the Gambia Tourist Board and the Gambia Hotel Association for a project of Tourist increase.



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Gambia Hotel:

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Project Profile:
Budget Hotel Upgrades

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Eco tourism accomodation

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Family Villas

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River cruising

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Interntional Constellation
Business Programme:
TOP Trip 2017