chi siamoThe philosophy of action:

The International Constellation Business Programme is an industrial box that has as its mission:

- The industrialization and the resulting sustainable development of a specific region of West Africa. And Middle East.

- Provides in synergy with local resources (institutional and private) on-site service to interested companies,from the point of view of logistics, institutional relations, administrative permissions, managing work in progress, the legal domicile / tax, with back office staff and local residents.

The project apolitical, aims only to the sustainable development of the host country interventions.

- The economic sustainability and social interventions.

Priority interventions is the feasibility of economic projects in the pipeline, in the logic of effective interventions that generate a return for the companies and opportunities, use for local personnel with proper training and the creation of induced specific.

In respect of the host State interventions:

1. Are shared across Institutional, in relation to specific ministry guidelines

2. Provide for mandatory inclusion of local staff

3. Provide for the training of local technicians, making the autonomous conduct of that operation, ensuring economic and political independence from external pressures,support the welfare program for the full occupation and the technology transfer.

Local Assistance & Partenrship to:

- Technology Transfer

- Residential Managing

- Commercial Assistance & Company Domiciliation

- Local Works Compartecipation

- Sea & Air Logistic System

- Company Visibility & Events

- NGO’s Assistance & International Cooperation

- Financial Facility

Sector of Intervention:

- Building (Prefabriched)

- Hotelerie hardware - Furniture

- Electric & Water Plants

- Renovable Energy

- Agroindustry

- Tourist Development & Accomodation

- Logistic Services

Ethics Impact:
The respect od local tradictions,religions,culture, identy of local peoples
The respect of local law, civil and economic norms.
The respect of the disposition of (ILO) International Labor Office
Activity in conforming of the SA8000 International norm
This is the concept of " sustainable development."