I.C.B.P international Constellation Business Programme

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Areas of intervention.

- Prefabricated buildings
- Hydraulic and electrical plant
- Production of renewable energies
- Primary water purification systems
- Agroindustria and Ittindusttria (processing of products)
- Tourist / hotel development with turnkey supply
   of furnishings and technical equipment.






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The International Constellation Business Program (ICBP) is an industrial incubator that works in specific regions on sustainable targeted interventions, providing businesses with both commercial entry, operational opportunities, territorial accompaniment, dedicated logistics and in some cases temporary management.


Reports generally occur between the supplier company and the end customer, no intermediaries.

there is dedicated air / sea logistics in agreement with SDV / Bollore 'for the ex-factory withdrawal and delivery of the materials directly to the customer, there is the possibility of a direct technical partnership with local operators already operating in the interested parties for assistance on site.


Areas of intervention:

targeted, in relation to development projects and local expectations are:

  • Prefabricated buildings in dry
  • Hydraulic and electrical plant
  • Renewable energy production
  • Primary water purification systems
  • Agroindustry and Ittindustria (processing of products)
  • Tourist / hotel development with the turnkey supply of furnishings and technical equipment.


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